What Almost No One Knows About

Where Guy Fawkes Mask Came from and Its Progress.

It was the time when Queen Elizabeth was a ruler that Guy Fawkes was alive. When you became against the government you were supposed to be killed. The punishment was to be hanged or separate the head from the body. Guy Fawkes then saw that the sentence was too much and decided to kill himself by jumping from a ladder. Read more below to understand where Guy Fawkes mask came from and its progress.

When Queen Elizabeth 1 was in the throne, she beheaded many priests because did not like anyone who practised being a Catholic. This made King James do so when he was given the power to be king. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic and he was tired of this behaviour. It was then that he and other Catholics decided to blow up the house of the parliament with gunpowder.

Guy Fawkes was a battle man, and therefore he spent his life-fighting in wars. When he saw how the king repressed the Catholics it made him angry. This was when Guy Fawkes went to the King of Spain so that they can start an English rebellion. This was to be done against King James. This kind of act inspired Guy Fawkes in making the gunpowder plan.

Below the lord’s houses. They would put the gun powder in the cellars. Guy Fawkes knew that the best day to do the explosion was the day that the parliament would be opened. It was a good day because King James and his eldest son were to be present. But then they were known because there was a letter that was sent and it was about the plan of the gunpowder. It was then that Guy Fawkes was found guilty since he was found in the basement with matches. It was on this day, November 5th that people would wear the mask that had Guy Fawkes face and pretend to be him killing the king. By then people had not seen him as their hero.

People used to set camps all through England. In the camp there was a man who was imprisoned and his name was V. He was made a prisoner because scientists used to do experiments with him. One day the prisoner broke free and burned down the entire camp. This was when V decided on vengeance to the ones who contributed to his imprisonment. When doing this, he would wear the Guy Fawkes mask which would motivate him. Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was similar to wearing a human right shirt.

By that time V allied with a girl called Evey, and they started to fight bad politics. It was then that Guy Fawkes was seen as a hero because his mask was as a sign of freedom.